Uganda: judicial officials warned against corruption
06 Dec 2016

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has warned judicial officers against corruption, re-emphasizing that the practice taints the image of the Judiciary.

While swearing in eight members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) at the High Court in Kampala, Katureebe stated that there is an upsurge of corruption cases against judicial officers.

He said the continuous rise of corruption within the Judiciary needs to be seriously addressed to protect the image of the institution.

Katureebe asked the newly appointed JSC members to guard against corruption by not taking money to appoint judicial officers.

“Taking bribes is very dangerous. Offending officers should be reported to Parliament and the Executive to ensure an independent Judiciary.”

The new commission is headed by Justice Benjamin Kabiito and deputized by Supreme Court Justice Faith Mwondha.

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