UK: 21 people defrauded per minute for oversharing on social media
09 Nov 2018

Anti-fraud campaigners are warning the public against publishing too much personal details about their lives on social media groups as fraudsters are garnering such data and using it to commit fraud.

According to a Get Safe Online survey, 21 people are targeted every minute as a result of unwittingly ‘oversharing’ on social media.

The survey also highlighted that 23% of people used social media to ‘show off’ about their holidays and 20% use it to let connections know about life milestones such as buying a house.

Tony Neate, CEO of Get Safe Online, said: “Seemingly harmless posts, photos and details in your profile could actually leave your privacy exposed. An innocent location check-in or a photo of your new driving licence for example could be invaluable to criminals, who are expert at putting together snippets about you to build a bigger picture with a view to defrauding you or stealing your identity.

“Think through not just what you’re sharing but who you’re sharing it with … for your own privacy and safety’s sake, some things are better kept offline or private, so always be aware of what you share.”

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