UK: Burglary at Charter Savings Bank leaves 25,000 people at risk of fraud
06 Dec 2016

bank break-in has left 25,000 customers at risk of fraud after thieves stole computers containing people’s financial details.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Charter Savings Bank issued warning letters last week, telling people their financial details were stored on stolen machines and may have ended up in the hands of criminals.

Fears are now building that their personal information including bank details, name, and address, could be used to forge their identities or steal money directly from their account.

The bank confirmed a number of computers thought to contain both current and previous customer data were stolen from its offices in Wolverhampton in a burglary in October.

Following a police investigation over the past month Charter Savings Bank wrote to those affected. It urged them to register for a free fraud-checking service which lets them see if their data is being used by criminals.

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