UK: Hatton Garden gang leaders must repay £27.5m, says judge
30 Jan 2018

The ring leaders of a raid branded the “largest burglary in England” have reportedly been ordered to pay the state a total of £27.5 million from their available assets or face more years behind bars.

The gang drilled a hole to access a vault at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in Easter 2015, and are understood to have benefited from millions of pounds worth of stolen gold, gems and cash.

Police are estimated to have recovered around £4m worth so far.

On Tuesday, they were ordered to pay the following amounts:

– Terry Perkins, 69 (04.04.48) must pay back £6,526,572
– John Collins, 77 (05.09.40), must pay back £7,686,039
– Daniel Jones, 60 (01.03.57), must pay back £6,649,828
– Brian Reader, 78 (28.02.39), must pay back £6,644,951

They could each serve another seven years in jail if they fail to pay up.

According to the BBC, Judge Christopher Kinch QC, said: “A number of these defendants are not only of a certain age, but have in some cases serious health problems.

“But as a matter of principle and policy it is very difficult to endorse any approach that there is a particular treatment for someone who chooses to go out and commit offences at the advanced stage of their lives that some of these defendants were.”

Seperately, lawmakers in the EU have been discussing draft rules aimed at speeding up the seizure of criminal cash.

The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) want member states who receive a freezing or confiscation order to be bound to execute it within 20 days, as opposed to the 60 days proposed by the European Commission, so that criminals do not have time to move their assets.

Photo – This is a file sample photo of looted cash and is not an image of the cash stolen by the gang.

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