UK: MP cleared of election expenses fraud, aide convicted
10 Jan 2019

A member of parliament from Prime Minister Theresa May’s minority ruling Conservative Party was cleared on Wednesday of declaring false expenses during Britain’s 2015 national election in which he narrowly beat leading Brexit figure Nigel Farage.

Craig Mackinlay, 52, defeated Farage, the former head of the UKIP party, to win the parliamentary seat of South Thanet in southeastern England by 2,812 votes but was later accused of falsifying his expense returns.

Prosecutors said thousands of pounds of overspending was omitted from the returns which were “woefully inaccurate, and deliberately so”.

Mackinlay was cleared of the charges by a jury at Southwark Crown Court but Conservative Party official Marion Little, 63, who the judge said described herself as a friend to May and other senior political figures, was found guilty of two counts of encouraging or assisting an offence.

– By Michael Holden, Reuters, 9 January 2019.

Link to Reuters.

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