UK: Polish boss with £860K hidden in suitcases jailed for laundering
03 Sep 2018

A haulage company boss from Gdańsk, Poland, has been jailed for three years and four months after he tried to leave the United Kingdom with £862,560 concealed in two suitcases.

Border Office workers at the Port of Dover intercepted the man, who in court pleaded guilty to money laundering.

According to HMRC, the man was transporting second-hand clothes, but a sniffer dog found the money stuffed into two suitcases.

“When questioned, he initially claimed to have no knowledge of the cash, despite the fact his fingerprints were found on two bundles of notes, but later admitted he was due to be paid £2,000 for smuggling the cash,” HMRC said.

The £862,560 was forfeited to the Crown at Canterbury Magistrates Court on 27 April 2018.
Miziuk’s lorry and trailer were also seized.

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