UK: Sharp rise in value of fines issued by data watchdog
29 Oct 2018

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office has increased the total value of fines in the past year, which was marked by a number of penalties being issued to high profile firms.

The average value of its fines doubled to reach £146,000 and the total value of the fines rose to just below £5 million, or a 24% rise, according to data by London-based law firm RPC, quoted in City AM.

“A doubling in the average size of a fine should serve as a wake-up call to businesses. However, political pressure is mounting,” said RPC’s Richard Breavington.

Big names hit include British Telecommunications (BT), which was fined £77,000 in June this year after it sent out almost 5 million nuisance emails to customers, and Equifax, which was issued the then maximum penalty of £500,000 for failing to protect the personal information of millions of British citizens during a cyber attack.

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