Understanding EU anti-money laundering law: EU 4AMLD, EU 5AMLD, EU 6AMLD
14 Mar 2019

In recent years the European Union has looked to flex its legislative muscle and come up with an array of laws aimed at cracking down on money laundering and terrorism financing.

Key to its package are its various directives, which impact national laws, banking operations and other industries across the bloc.

The directives have come a bit of a long way, but what may be worth noting is that after the adoption of the Third Anti-money Laundering Directive (3AMLD) on 26 October 2005, the EU went on a seemingly long recess in its legislative efforts against money laundering and terrorist financing.

A close look at the directives, however, reveals that they are complimentary, for example, the fifth directive, amends the fourth, and the latest – the sixth directive – compliments the fifth directive.

This article highlights some key aspects of the EU’s fourth and successive directives, which are an important part of Europe’s response to financial crime.

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