United Kingdom: Jailed: Fitzrovia diamond dealer who laundered £30m for crooks
31 Oct 2016

An international diamond dealer who ran a £30 million money laundering business has been jailed for 11 years.

Danny Koort, 52, stored bags of “dirty money” at the Fitzrovia offices of his Kosher Diamonds business, converting it into euros before returning the cash to his criminal clients.

As he flew between Amsterdam and the UK trading jewels and gold, his partner, beautician Jeanette Rosen, 49, collected bags of money from couriers at designated spots around London.

When police busted the operation in 2014, they recovered about £300,000 in cash at the Percy Street offices and the couple’s home in Barnet. Officers also found a diary of meetings with  the couriers and notes detailing the amount of money to be collected.

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