United States: Celebrated chef faces sentencing for hiding nearly $10 million in cash sales
02 Nov 2016

When the FBI raided the Chinatown home of Chicago restaurateur Tony Hu two years ago, agents discovered a veritable “assembly line” for doctoring sales records, federal prosecutors say.

Three piles of receipts were found in Hu’s living room: records on his couch still to be doctored, those already altered with handwritten figures that grossly underreported what his restaurants actually took in, and cash receipts and income reports from restaurant managers that he planned to destroy, prosecutors wrote in a court filing this week.

Hu, who had risen from humble beginnings in rural China to become one of Chicago’s most celebrated chefs, pleaded guilty in May to hiding nearly $10 million in cash sales from his many restaurants over a nearly five-year period, skirting about $1 million in state and local sales taxes.

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