12th August 2020
The former head of Mexico’s state-oil company Petróleos Mexicanos accused former president Enrique Peña Nieto and his former finance minister of instructing him to funnel millions of dollars in bribes to the 2012 presidential campaign, part of Mexico’s highest-profile corruption probe in decades, the country’s Attorney General said Tuesday. Emilio… Read More
12th August 2020
Donald Trump calls himself the “law and order” president, but when it comes to white collar crime, he has overseen a significant decline in enforcement. The prosecution of securities fraud, antitrust violations and other such crimes has hit a record low as the pandemic slows the courts, according to one… Read More
10th August 2020
In March, Interpol revealed details of a criminal scheme involving compromised emails, advance-payment fraud and money laundering across Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The case involved two sales companies in Zurich and Hamburg, contracted by German health authorities to procure face masks, that were duped into making payments to what… Read More
7th August 2020
Deputy Kirsten Morel, who chairs the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel, recently addressed comments made in Bermuda newspaper The Royal Gazette in an article discussing the territory’s move to introduce legislation for full transparency on company ownership by January 2023. In 2018, the UK parliament passed laws requiring the Overseas Territories… Read More
6th August 2020
Even if the pace at which regulations are drafted seems to be slowing down, at least at the EU-level, regulations in general are still trending toward bullish proliferation. In the financial-crime field alone, around 1,300 binding pieces of legislation have been brought to light in the span of 20 years… Read More
5th August 2020
A secretive Russian-born tycoon whose company has donated almost £250,000 to the Conservative Party can be identified today by The Times. Viktor Fedotov, 73, is the ultimate owner of Aquind, which is seeking ministerial approval for plans to build a £1.2 billion undersea electricity interconnector between Britain and France. The… Read More
4th August 2020
Monzo is reviewing the quality of its financial crime controls and warned that the outcome could have a significant impact on its finances. The troubled digital bank, which issued a warning on Thursday over its ability to remain in business, began an investigation of its “financial crime control framework”… Read More
29th July 2020
The Tax and Customs Board (MTA) wants to extend the list of key national security positions requiring due diligence measures in the fight against money laundering. “We propose extending the list … to the post of Chief of the Intelligence Center (kaitseväe luurekeskus), Deputy Director General of the Internal Security… Read More
24th July 2020
Prosecutors who are probing accused sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell haven’t identified the banks that helped her manage tens of millions of dollars. One of them was JPMorgan Chase & Co., according to people familiar with the matter. That’s another tie that Maxwell shares with Jeffrey Epstein, the late convicted… Read More
24th July 2020
When the rest of England emerged from it’s Coronavirus-related lockdown on 4th July 2020, one city that remained locked down was Leicester and it was the only one to do so.  The city was said to be experiencing an unexpectedly higher number of infections, purportedly originating from workers in… Read More