14th October 2020
Free-trade zones (FTZs) are designed to attract trade by suspending the collection of customs duties. These incentives are frequently coupled with advantages such as simplified customs inspection procedures, liberalised incorporation regimes and physical infrastructure superior to that available elsewhere in the same country. These features can be attractive to legitimate… Read More
9th October 2020
AP — Pope Francis told European anti-money laundering experts Thursday that the Vatican was committed to “clean finance,” as he denounced financial speculation amid a spiraling corruption investigation in the heart of the Holy See. It is rare for a head of state to meet with the Council of Europe’s… Read More
8th October 2020
Britain’s financial watchdog said on Tuesday it will ban the sale to retail investors of products that track the price of cryptoassets like Bitcoin, saying most people lose money on them. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said there is no reliable basis for valuing cryptoassets that underpin derivatives and exchange-traded… Read More
6th October 2020
For over a decade, there have been calls in Congress to address shadowy corporate entities, known as shell companies, that are considered a cornerstone of fraud, corruption, and money laundering. These companies help unsavory characters and organizations hide wealth or use the proceeds of crime to buy up legitimate assets… Read More
6th October 2020
France’s national financial prosecutor’s office has been asked to open an investigation into whether four French-based banks and an investment fund were complicit with Electrogas in laundering the proceeds of corruption. Sherpa, a French association that fights financial crimes, teamed up with the Daphne Caruana Galizia foundation to file the… Read More
5th October 2020
When the BBC called last month to warn that he was the victim of a £50,000 fraud, Mark Telling thought it was a prank. “I was at work and, to be honest, I thought it was a bit of a wind-up,” said Telling, 47. The truth was less amusing. Criminals… Read More
1st October 2020
The threat of financial crime in Jersey by overseas criminals is “significant”, a government report has found. The National Risk Assessment of Money Laundering is the first study of its kind and has been made public by the Government of Jersey. It found there was “no clear expression” on… Read More
24th September 2020
By Tanya Kozyreva, Michael Hudson, Spencer Woodman, Will Fitzgibbon, Agustin Armendariz, Golden Matonga, Delphine Reuter, Micah Reddy and Fergus Shiel, ICIJ, 23 September 2020 ICIJ — Ivor Ichikowitz recoils at the arms industry’s “reputation for being very cloak-and-dagger.” “We are not in the destroying-anything business,” the 53-year-old founder of South… Read More
23rd September 2020
By Spencer Woodman, ICIJ, 22 September 2020 ICIJ — They pulled ancient Buddha heads out of the ground in war-torn Afghanistan and stole idols from temples in India. They cracked open shrines in Nepal, and in Cambodia bought an 11th-century statue of the Hindu god Shiva on the black… Read More
22nd September 2020
An unprecedented glimpse into the staggering amounts of suspect money that flow through the international banking system is revealed in leaked files from an agency of the US Department of the Treasury that have been seen by The Irish Times. The files show that the world’s largest banks play a… Read More