The Mexican drug cartel investigation that wasn’t an investigation at all

By Robert Mazur What took the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Special Operations Division years to build was destroyed with a wink and a nod from Mexican prosecutors and politicians. They conducted an “intense review” of the evidence U.S. prosecutors had gathered that strongly implicated Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Mexico’s minister of… Read More

EU sets out plans to limit US dollar reliance, reduce sanctions risks

The European Union has set out plans to strengthen the international role of the euro, as its seeks to erode the dominance on the U.S. dollar and lessen the bloc’s vulnerability to financial risks, including U.S. sanctions. The plan includes measures to help protect against currency shocks, and allow greater… Read More

British Virgin Islands’ governor launches inquiry into alleged corruption

Allegations of widespread political corruption, misuse of taxpayer’s money and a climate of fear in the British Virgin Islands have led its governor to take the extraordinary step of establishing an independent judge-led inquiry into the claims. Gus Jaspert, the British-appointed BVI governor, with the personal backing of the… Read More