Have Confidence In Your Customer Risk Decisions

Screen your customers against world-leading Dow Jones Anti-Money Laundering datasets, including 23 PEP categories covering all Norweigen (as well as global) PEPs.

Norweigen PEP categories include:

  • Heads & Deputies of State/National Government
  • National Government Ministers
  • Members of National Legislatures
  • Senior Civil Servants of National Governments
  • Senior Civil Servants of Regional Government
  • Embassy & Consular Staff
  • Senior Members of the Armed Forces
  • Senior Members of the Police Services
  • Senior Members of the Secret Services
  • Senior Members of the Judiciary
  • State Agency Officials

  • State Corporation Executives
  • Heads & Deputy Heads of Regional Government
  • Regional Government Ministers
  • Religious Leaders
  • Political Party Officials
  • International Organisation Officials
  • City Mayors
  • Political Pressure and Labour Group Officials
  • International Sporting Group Officials
  • National NGO Officials
  • Local Public Officials
Risk Categories
1 m+
Entities incl. Alias Data
Sanction Ownership Profiles

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Solutions to fit your screening requirements

INtegral features of all riskscreen products

Comprehensive AML Datasets

Open License


Integrates With Existing Systems

Ultra Secure

Point screening solution for onboarding & periodic review

Screen customers against Dow Jones datasets plus live adverse media during onboarding and periodic review.


  • Standard & Enhanced Due Diligence search modes
  • Integrated live adverse media search engine
  • Metadata filtering to pinpoint your targeted individual
  • Design-led interface


  • Minimises false postivies
  • Easy to use, needs minimal training
  • Open license and EDD functionality reduces compliance costs
  • No more exhaustive googling for adverse media
  • Live adverse media search means no 'dead-links'

Lightning-fast batch screening of your entire customer base

Screen your entire customer base against Dow Jones datasets with whatever depth and frequency you choose and be alerted to changes in your customers’ risk profiles at the earliest opportunity.


  • Complete workflow & audit trail
  • Bulk match processing for handling potential hits
  • Comprehensive management information & reporting
  • Metadata filtering to pinpoint your targeted individual
  • Comprehensive user permission settings


  • Virtually eliminates false positives
  • Enables a risk-based approach to batch screening
  • Comprehensive management information & reporting
  • Automatically filters and ranks high risk individuals or entities to prioritise your screening

£675 / annum

Core + Batch from
£2,675 / annum

Data Quality Assurance


Providing truly global coverage Dow Jones data is maintained by a team spread across five dedicated research and monitoring centres providing 24 hour coverage across 68 languages. Over fifty percent of the Dow Jones research team are educated to Masters or PHD level.

One key advantage Dow Jones researchers have is the ability to leverage Factiva, Dow Jones 40 year old archive of more than 32,000 sources in 28 languages. Hundreds of thousands of articles from these sources are added to Factiva daily.

Dow Jones was the first list provider to pass a ISAE3000 review and as part of the data quality assurance mechanisms the Dow Jones sanctions data is audited and accredited to international standards.

Dow Jones data is relied upon for AML / KYC screening purposes by the following:

  • 3 of the 4 largest US banks
  • 5 of the 6 largest Canadian banks
  • 44 of the 45 largest Chinese banks
  • 5 of the 7 largest Japanese banks
  • 5 of the 6 largest Spanish banks
  • 4 of the 5 largest French banks
  • 4 of the 5 largest Scandinavian banks
  • 7 out of the 13 Wolfsberg Group

False Positives

By utilising Dow Jones data with our next generation screening technology we are able to reduce false positive results by up to 90% compared to other screening providers whilst providing our customers with a very high level of confidence that true matches are not being missed.

Request a free demo of our screening solutions and speak with one of our expert team about your requirements

we are here to help and answer any questions you have