Real estate

RiskScreen is utilised by numerous real estate businesses throughout the world to screen vendors and buyers

Real estate is a highly desirable asset type for criminals for the same reason that it is attractive to everybody else – prices are stable and appreciate over time. Real estate is also versatile in the sense that criminals can use it, generate an income from it or use it as collateral in obtaining alternative sources of finance. There have been numerous, well-publicised examples of corrupt politicians and other types of criminals laundering illicit money through London and New York sited commercial and residential real estate.

Our technologies help real estate agents to achieve optimal financial crime compliance performance with maximum efficiency


Single application

  • Screen in real time against the world leading Dow Jones sanctions, watchlists, PEPs database, public search engines and the deep web all in a single application

Easy to use

  • RiskScreen's design-led interface requires minimal training

Open license

  • Add unlimited users across multiple locations at no extra cost avoiding the need to buy multiple costly licenses

“RiskScreen is very straightforward to use and gives us complete results. The depth and breadth of coverage of PEPs, and individuals on sanctions or watch lists were key factors in our decision to choose RiskScreen”

Christine Palmero

Commercial Services, AGEDI

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