RiskScreen and Salesforce Combined

RiskScreen is now available as a fully integrated screening solution on the Salesforce platform, enabling an unlimited number of users to screen their leads/customers and manage results effortlessly within their existing Salesforce workflow. Data friction is eliminated and technical implementation is reduced to near-zero.

Key Benefits

Reduce friction by automatically screening your leads and customers in Salesforce

Use RiskScreen’s dashboards and workflow to allocate and handle potential matches

Consolidate your system stack and save on tech support costs by eliminating your stand-alone screening systems

Reduce false positive matches by up to 95% using RiskScreen’s proprietary 3D risk-based approach

Improve AML risk governance through full audit capture and comprehensive MI reporting


Our API-X technology permits full headless integration of the RiskScreen service with your core platform. That’s why we were the first screening provider anywhere to be invited to build integration with Salesforce.