Next-generation batch screening technology for ongoing monitoring of customer risk profiles
3D Risk based screening
Dow Jones PEPs, Sanctions, Watchlist data
Virtually eliminates false positives
Ultra-secure onsite, hosted and full featured API options
Superb MI and reporting
Trusted risk intelligence to optimise your compliance with financial crime legislation
Product Benefits & Features
Virtually eliminate false positives with the world's first truly risk-based batch screening engine

Bring the risk-based approach to batch screening

Advanced metadata virtually eliminates false positives

Speedy 'bulk match' process for handling potential hits

Complete workflow and audit capture

Laser-sharp MI and reporting

Onsite and Hosted deployments available

Powered by

Dow Jones Data

Screen your customers against the world-leading Dow Jones datasets for confidence in your customer risk profiles at onboarding & review

RiskScreen integrates the world’s most comprehensive AML data with an advanced live adverse media search engine and deep web sources for advanced investigatory analysis.

Sanction lists

Global sanctions lists including UN, US (OFAC, BIS, ISN, etc), EU and HMT

Watch lists

Over 4,000 global watch lists and black lists with over 700,000 entries

PEP data

Global database of over 2.5 million PEP records for over 200 countries and international organisations

Adverse media

Live adverse media search engine, containing no dead-links. Leaves no digital footprint

Deep web

Deep web sources including Investigative Dashboard, Offshore Leaks, and Open Corporates

Onsite Batch
Automatically screen your entire customer base as often as you need on a secure platform behind your firewall. RiskScreen Onsite Batch enables you to keep names and metadata on customers and prospects inside your organisation.
Hosted Batch
Hosted Batch enables you to upload names and metadata on customers and prospects and manage their screening through our intuitive and laser-sharp web interface.
Batch API
Rapidly integrate RiskScreen Batch with your existing systems, to benefit from using next generation screening technology without interrupting your existing AML and due diligence workflow.
RiskScreen Batch is used across multiple industry sectors to monitor their customer risk profiles
aml cft kyc for banks


Trust & Corporate Services

Asset Management


real estate due diligence

Real Estate

High Value Goods


Money Services Business

Regulators & Governmental


Extractive Industries


Guy Hardill | MLRO, Ravenscroft Limited
'We wanted to identify a solution which would meet our exacting technical requirements, now and into the future, and to find a company that shared the same customer service values as us. After thoroughly reviewing the available onsite batch screening solutions, RiskScreen Batch met our criteria. The system has been developed by regulatory experts and that gave us the confidence that it would do what we needed it to in order to futureproof our screening compliance. During the implementation phase, we received exemplary support with the technical and regulatory queries which we had, and the system was up and running on time and on budget. RiskScreen Batch and RiskScreen Core offer us technological capabilities that we didn’t have before which have saved time, enabled better reporting and ensured that we not only meet current standards but exceed them.'

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The Risksceen Ecosystem

The RiskScreen product suite provides an end-to-end solution for your management and protection against financial crime. The 3 products work together to create a full AML ecosystem for your organisation


Optimise customer screening at onboarding and review. Screen customers against world-leading Dow Jones datasets plus live adverse media all in one search


Screen your entire customer base at whatever depth and frequency you choose and apply the risk-based approach to your batch screening regime


Turns your existing static and dynamic customer information into hot data for real-time risk analytics and reporting