Real time event driven KYC software and analytics
Transform your decision making with PanOptic's risk intelligence
End to end customer risk management
Live and historic risk and KYC scores
Eliminates common mechanisms of AML failure
World-leading MI and reporting
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PanOptic has been designed to meet the challenge of the capability gap created by the disconnect between enhanced regulation and legacy information technology and data storage systems.
Through its innovative proprietary interface technology, PanOptic draws information from across your existing platforms into a single dataset and overlays it with powerful analysis, monitoring and reporting tools. Integrating seamlessly with existing client administration, payment, CRM and book-keeping systems, PanOptic offers real time risk based customer monitoring, CDD and reporting functionality on a single platform. In today’s world, effective financial crime risk management and good governance are imperatives. Regulatory pressure on financial institutions has never been so intense. PanOptic is transforming the ability of businesses to govern customer risk.
Trusted risk intelligence to optimise your compliance with financial crime legislation
Process without PanOptic

Many firms struggle to meet compliance obligations, hindered by legacy IT systems. Some firms store data across multiple platforms, and in hard copy, making timely extraction and analysis of data near impossible. This results in an ever increasing compliance head count to try to manage these inefficient data handling processes and, ultimately, an inability to react quickly to shifts in the risk environment.

Process with PanOptic

PanOptic seamlessly integrates the collection and analysis of risk data from all underlying systems, producing best-in-world live MI, and a typical 95% data mining time saving compared with existing manual processes.

Product Benefits & Features

A central engine to drive customer risk decisions

Automation of KYC and AML

Aggregate key risk information

Razor-sharp Board and ExCo reporting

API for live customer onboarding

Real-time alerting workflow

PanOptic has been designed for the financial services industry, although its innovative technology can be harnessed for the benefit of any business faced with the challenge of managing customer risk.
Asset Management
Extractive Industries
Law Enforcement
Regulators & Governmental
Trust & Corporate Services

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The Risksceen Ecosystem

The RiskScreen product suite provides an end-to-end solution for your management and protection against financial crime. The 3 products work together to create a full AML ecosystem for your organisation


Optimise customer screening at onboarding and review. Screen customers against world-leading Dow Jones datasets plus live adverse media all in one search


Screen your entire customer base at whatever depth and frequency you choose and apply the risk-based approach to your batch screening regime


Turns your existing static and dynamic customer information into hot data for real-time risk analytics and reporting