How to Reduce False Positives & Apply The Risk Based Approach

Hosted By Stephen Platt & Tom Devlin 

Watch this free session (with regulatory compliance experts) and learn why you need to be batch screening your customers and the optimal way to do it

Batch screening remains a significant challenge for financial institutions. Deficiencies in outdated screening technologies result in high volumes of false positives that suck up compliance resource every day. Businesses are still struggling to demonstrate how their batch screening tools enable them to screen customers in a risk-based manner in accordance with the ever expanding regulatory requirements.

Stephen Platt, one of the world's leading anti-financial crime experts will speak about his experience of investigating businesses damaged by screening deficiencies and Tom Devlin will demonstrate RiskScreen Batch - a new class leading, next generation batch screening solution that is taking the finance industry by storm.

You are about to learn:




Why you should be batch screening your customers

How to better manage financial crime risk

How to recognise deficiencies in your batch screening regime

Learn about the whole customer screening cycle and how batch screening is a key element of it

Learn how to guard yourself against the risk of being caught out by a change in the risk characteristics of your customers

Learn about the different ways businesses go about batch screening their customers and where the deficiencies lie




About effective risk governance from a screening perspective

To batch screen customers in the right way

How to demonstrate compliance to regulators

Does your batch screening technology enable you to evidence your decisions for auditing purposes? Learn about RiskScreen Batch's MI & reporting capabilities

Learn how to minimise false positives, minimise human error and apply the risk-based approach to batch screening your customers

You will be able to review quality MI generated by RiskScreen Batch technology 

'RiskScreen Batch offers technological capabilities which have saved time, enabled better reporting and ensured that we not only meet current standards but exceed them'

Guy Hardill


Master Batch Screening and Ongoing Customer Risk Monitoring with RiskScreen Batch

Join us and start learning how to future proof your business against financial crime risk by applying the risk-based approach to your batch screening regime

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